Types of flooring

There are several types of flooring and you need to know all of them if you are planning to install one. There prices are not the same because there quality is different. Below are the various types of flooring.


It’s made of wood like cherry, walnut or oak, not only are they made from these specific woods but also other types of wood that you can choose from (gulv xtra).


They work with all types of decorating from modern to traditional

They are durable

They can sell faster than homes with other flooring types


They are expensive

Installing them is difficult

They are prone to showing damage

They make a lot of noise when walking across


It falls under the hardwood category but it stands on its own, it is a good option for your home if you are in the process of installing a floor. (Tarkett)

Majority of bamboo flooring is made from miso bamboo that is found in china.


It’s a renewable resource

DIY friendly

It’s durable as traditional hardwood flooring

Bamboo flooring can be refinished

It’s a great flooring for those who prefer modern décor


The contemporary bamboo look doesn’t fit with all décor

Susceptible to dings and scratches

Limited to a few tonal shades

Susceptible to damage from water and excess humidity


If you can’t afford hardwood flooring opt for laminate flooring, it is somehow similar to wood floors. (Parkett) The main difference between real wood flooring and laminate flooring is that laminate does not have real wood at the top.


Non allergenic

Easy installation


Has a good strain resistance


Hard and noisy underfoot

Can get damaged due to moisture

Has chemicals

It’s appearance is fake

Other floors you should know about are vinyl, linoleum, ceramic tile, cork and so many others. The floors are so many and you can get comfy on what to go for, take time to know how the floorings are and how durable they are.